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Online Pickle Offer: The taste of pickles made by mother or grandmother will never leave our tongues. At the same time, the tongue becomes watery. In a busy life many people do not have time to make pickles at home. Many are buying from supermarkets. But the benefits of homemade pickles are many. The online pickles are also home made it is very tastey

Here are great offers from Koottukari Foods 

Ente Keralam… Ethra Sundaram. Wishing You the Greetings of Kerala Piravi Day. Through koottukari food products, we bring the taste of Kerala to you. We have a special offer for Koottukari family members on this special occasion. Buy 1 kg of any of our online pickles and receive 250 grammes for free. Offer valid until November 15, 2021.


There are different types of pickles and the demand for all pickles is very high. Pickles are an indispensable dish especially for Keralites. Pickles in Kerala are very popular among the other states as well. koottukari foods  is making this great offer for all of them. koottukari foods prepares all online facilities for you You can order online pickles at the koottukaris website or at the number given below.

WhatsApp/Call : +91 6235552956

Google Pay: 9744582378 (Name: Sindhu G Nair)




                 Lemon pickle is one of the most popular pickles in India. There are many types of lemon pickles. Lemon pickles are delicious and very tasty. If you buy 1 kg of lemon pickle from koottukaries online pickles delivering website you get 250 g is completely free. This offer is valid till November 15 only



                  Malayalees have always loved mango pickle. You can also get this favorite pickle with 1 kg mango pickle 250 g absolutely free. This offer is valid until Monday, November 15th.
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                              Here koottukari foods is preparing for you a delicious chicken pickle. Gain with 1 kg chicken pickle 250 g free. This offer is valid till November 15 only.






                     There will be fish pickles everywhere in Kerala. It can be served with any dish. Fish pickles can be made with tuna fish and natholi. Gain with 1 kg fish pickle with 250 g free. This offer is valid till November 15 only.



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