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what is the pickling process



Pickling process is the preservation of edible products in an acid solution, usually vinegar, or in a salt solution (brine). In the latter case, fermentation produces the acid that acts as a preservative (primarily lactic acid). However, in the United States and Canada, unless otherwise specified, the term “pickles” generally refers to cucumber pickles. This article will concentrate on pickled vegetables. The majority of commercially pickled vegetables and fruits in Western societies are cucumbers, bok choy, and olives. Fermented vegetables are also popular in Asian countries, with scientific research focusing primarily on kimchi, the general term for a group of acid-fermented vegetable foods with a long history in Korea.

Salting and pickling process

Food preservation methods such as salting and pickling have been used for centuries. Food is preserved so that it is available even when it is out of season. Salting and pickling methods of preservation can be used to preserve a variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables Salting, also known as curing, is a process that draws moisture from meat via osmosis. Salt kills and inhibits the growth of microorganisms by osmosis, which draws water out of the cells of both the microbe and the food. Pickling, also known as corning or brining, is a method of preserving food that involves anaerobic fermentation in brine (a salt and water solution) to produce lactic acid.


What is pickling

Pickles are a significant consumer product. Pickles come in both veg and non-veg varieties. Mango, drumstick, brinzal, gongura, mirchi pickle, chicken pickle, mutton pickle, fish pickle, and prawn pickle are popular pickles in India. Pickles were one of the first commercial products to hit the market. People in India eat a variety of pickles on a daily basis. The same procedure applies to non-veg pickles. Pickling is a metal cleaning process that uses extremely strong acids to remove certain types of surface conditions from metal. Mill scale, oxides, impurities, and stains are examples of these conditions. Pickling liquor refers to the acid solution used in pickling. 

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