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Health benefits of Indian pickles

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Pickles are a condiment with intense flavours. We’ve known about the pickle-making tradition at our house since we were kids, and how much everyone in the family enjoys it. You can make pickles that are sweet, sour, or spicy, depending on your preferences. They’re delicious either way. People have developed their own versions of indian pickles over time. Because results in the availability of a wide range of varieties on the market. The list begins with mango pickle, followed by mixed pickle, lemon pickle, Katki pickle. Indian Pickle is an essential component of Indian cuisine. People in India used to eat pickles with every meal because it satisfied their dining needs. Although pickles are a common part of our daily lives, the answer to the question, “Are Indian homemade pickles good for health?” is always a resounding yes. Because of their numerous health benefits, pickles are always a good choice.


Health Benefits of Indian Pickles


1. Indian pickles have antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are micronutrients that protect the body from free radical attack. These free radicals are extremely dangerous because they interact with DNA and change its configuration. Because our  pickles are made with raw and unripe ingredients, they are high in antioxidants.

2. Rich source of essential vitamins and minerals

Aside from inedible vegetables, Indian homemade pickles include a variety of green veggies such as coriander, curry leaves, fenugreek, and mint. These leafy vegetables contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K, as well as iron, calcium, and potassium, which are not adequately provided in our regular diet. As a result, eating Indian homemade pickles can meet your body’s requirement for these vitamins and minerals.

3. Indian homemade pickles can protect your liver

Indian homemade pickles, particularly those made from Gooseberry and Amla, contain hepatoprotective properties that protect the liver from other potentially harmful attacks. Furthermore, if consumed on a regular basis, these pickles can help to reduce liver damage.


Preparation methods of Indian pickles


Pickling has been used for many years and is the best way to preserve food for a long time. Raw vegetables, unripe fruits, oils, and various Indian spices are the main ingredients in Indian pickles. This is the most common and traditional method of making pickles. Unripe fruits and vegetables are kept in highly concentrated saltwater in this method. The bacteria found in vegetables are salt resistant and aid in the conversion of sugar to lactic acid. Apart from India, several other countries produce high-quality pickles, some of which are vegetarian. Some of the most popular pickles in India include mango pickles, gooseberry pickles, lemon pickles, and so on, as well as vegetable pickles. Famous pickles include carrot pickles, ginger pickles, garlic pickles, and onion pickles.


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